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Shanghai Jinjiang Hotel (Jin Jiang Hotel Shanghai), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.'Br Cet Hôtel prestigieux et unique en son genre à Shanghai, dont les constructions récentes ont été classées unités de protection du patrimoine culturel de la municipalité de Shanghai et l 'hôtel vert de classe Golden Leaf.Sa tradition européenne et son style moderne, toutes les chambres d 'amis et le public de la salle de l' Assemblée générale sont couverts par un réseau sans fil.
rénover un nouveau bâtiment Jinbei de plus de 3 mètres de haut, avec des matelas de marque internationale de 42 pouces de cristaux liquides de télévision HD, les toilettes sont très spacieuses, les bains sont secs et humides.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Les hôtels
sont également équipés de centres commerciaux, de centres de gymnastique, de l 'Auditorium de Jinjiang et de 11 restaurants spécialisés qui offrent des services de conférence, de banquet, d' autobus commercial, de location d 'appartements et d' une rue pour les achats.
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Commentaires Plus
  • raineyu625
    Good location just off Huai Hai Lu and close to Shanxi Nan Lu metro stop. Service over multiple visits is patchy, to say the least, but compensated by the location.
  • cfamily
    Booked a double, said the next day gone, had two big bed rooms, extra bed, was told no, with my colleagues to build a quilt
  • baiovai
    Again like a month later next month
  • tiona
    Was there for an overnight business trip. Not many shops nearby (convenience shops) and a short walk to the subway. But overall not a bad place to staY. travel the night. no convenience store nearby, walked to the subway way. but basically OK.
  • mimirai
    Although the older, but clean facilities. to live in comfort, close to Huaihai Road, shopping, convenient!
  • jwy114689901
    Environment, good location, convenient.
  • fanglipig
    Rooms great, excellent. the facility is a bit old, the price is too expensive
  • e01781181
    Elegant environment, very characteristic of the old hotel.
  • Tongli
    Environmental location is very good, but the price is too high, may be the cause of 11 holidays
  • Advercer
    Metro business environment, inadequate room dry, hoping to improve, customer service at the front desk and old polite amount. will come again.
  • fanfan870924
    Well, next year, will come to Shanghai to live with friends.
  • BelindaMi
    Location, shopping, eating is easy.
  • majialily
    Old hotel, tone, and service was not good.
  • j3584489s
    It's OK
  • m6yyy
    Super nice ... good good good good good good
  • Carolsll
    Internal and external environment, fully equipped, very human sense of visitors feel at home. elections here next time.
  • li626
    Hotel room is quite big, nice
  • gary007gary
    Is also a good location for families
  • maofeng
    Have always liked hotel services vary, and of the circular dining room at the front desk for their bad service, bellboy and service very good.
  • d02452942
    Hotel is very good, booked two days before, another day!
    Big names, parking ... recommended.
  • guodayi
    Great service counter, my luggage away, spend a lot of time to find the team, master, please contact me, thank you, encouraging hotels
  • Smilence
    Good will stay again
  • imontanan
    All right
    Look at the exterior of the building from the outside is not new, which got a device when the five-star hotel rating, well Needless to say, the service is very good. very satisfied.
  • daisy990
    Don't know what to say to help friend is said to have good
  • etain
    Lot at the city center, convenient, hotel service and facility to be renovated
  • evan08
    All right
  • applelyg
    Health facilities are good in every respect, are convenient for transportation
  • m00766785
    Outgoing traffic is very convenient, is not the same as the old hotel, and complete in every way.
  • Jessica_Jing
    Hotel in good location, facilities, service very good, will choose here to Shanghai with his family at a time.
  • e01719728
    Very good hotel, stroll Huaihai Road commercial street is good, the facility is a bit dated
  • our78
    This hotel as I like, there is a say a flavor of old Shanghai. live very comfortable, breakfast was very good and service in place. the location is also very good, where convenient, Changle road walk 2 steps you'll have a new prosperous tea and Typhoon restaurant meals don't have to worry, Mao Ming South Road, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, guests can go to the meeting.
  • daxianglin
    A began didn't check to orders, later again ready has, to upgrade to Kam North floor, this are OK, to room deficiency of things aunt also are fill has, but zhihou room within small refrigerator bad has, rooms has a service personnel mean is will Xia, but in I complaints to lobby Manager Hou finally was to maintenance and for has, this is not happy, after all is birthday cake, room so high of temperature, put outside certainly will bad, other shower of facilities somewhat problem, toilet also has been leaking, overallIs concerned, there are still minor problems, WINS in convenient location!
  • Najia576
    Location is good, walking to the subway for a few minutes
  • iolcl
    Which is very nice
  • ssuujj
    All right
  • cwrest
    Location good! nice! shopping convenience! great!
  • iamway
    First on business and family, I have selected here, really love, like thick retro style.
  • guojia0908
    Old, outdated facilities, other
  • mcgilldeju
    Are satisfied with the good book friends help friends
  • abbey34
    Good section is also very convenient
  • lisufang001
    Hotel location is very good, is an older, big room, facilities
  • e00401841
    Good location, good environment, the only downside is the network charges.
  • angel_xuxiao
    Very good!
  • millionjiang
    Moderately priced slightly higher, the room can also
  • liuweirose
    Location perfect, the environment is clean, what is good, nice hotel
  • e00437160
    Old Jinjiang, warm service, swimming pool water temperature just right, very clean. ...
  • sandralei
    Service very poor service work negligence, to guests who pass the buck. disgusting Jinjiang hotel!
  • aping
    Outdated facilities. and particularly bad service. most pits are hotel rates high did not say. a five-star hotel there's no Wi-Fi. network requires additional fee. 90 per 24 hours?